Welcome to World Tomination Online!

Tomination.ORG is a fan-created promotion site for the musician Tom McRae. Our goals are few but lofty: we want to get Tom's music out there, in the hands of music fans who are tired of the overproduced or shallow. MTV, mainstream radio and the big budget chain record shops aren't providing the music you need to be listening to, the music you'll be able to put on a few years from now and still feel that instinctive rush. [ more ]

We're trying out a new feature here at Tomination - streaming audio. Every month or so we'll put up a new show for you to enjoy. Have a look!

When All Maps Welcome, the third album from Tom McRae, was released, we here at Tomination created a few little PSAs to amuse and encourage. You'll need Quicktime to play them and note that Cyn's PSA has no sound.

Please note that we are not Tom McRae. (And wouldn't that be awkward if we were?) We are unable to forward messages on to Tom. If you would like to contact him, please visit TomMcRae.com and view the contact information there.



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